current projects

Unannounced Title

Writer - INTERACTIVE PROJECT (Duplass brothers production donut/eko) - 2019-current

It’s unannounced. I can’t tell you anything.



A biopic chronicling the little-known period of celebrated TV actor John Stamos’ life during his rise to stardom, in which the golden retriever from Full House (and later, Air Bud) sabotages his plans to become the most famous movie star of all time.

In the Keeper's Shadow

LEAD writer - video game (lonely egg studios) - 2018-current

A nightmarish, surrealistic fairytale set against the backdrop of a dystopian society outside the realms of space and time. IN THE KEEPER'S SHADOW is a third-person, narrative-based adventure game where you play as EMI-98, a young girl growing up within the devastated and barren remains of the city she calls home.